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Ideally when you set a stand-alone cabinet you have a scribe on both of the ends that contact the wall like so (dimensions are exaggerated for clarity): Not often are you going to find integral scribes on a store bought vanity but you can add your own after the fact and that gives you the chances to set the piece to the median square of the corner and ...


A quick and easy solution may be to wash the cabinet surfaces well and then rub on a candle wax coat along the mating surfaces.


There are three main reasons I have found painted cabinets to stick. [1] The paint isn't cured. This just takes time. Some paints might be 60-90 days. [2] The door was installed too close to being painted. What will happen is the door will bond with cabinet and the two will almost make some tiny paint hooks with each other. Very fine grade sandpaper ...


This stickiness happens when two painted surfaces touch. Get some silicone cabinet bumpers and stick them to the corners of the cabinet doors.


In terms of the look, if it looks good to you, it is good. In a more empirical sense, in our finishing room we look for consistency/homogeneity of color, evenness of sheen, texture, and uniformity of application among other things (depending on the specifics of the finishing formula). One way to see problems that don't immediately jump out at you is to look ...

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