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Rust is only really a concern if there is water or very high humidity. Temperature doesn't have anything to do with it. In fact the Northeast gets quite dry during the winter so you should have no problems (assuming the garage does not leak). Proper care of your tools will help prevent rust. E.g. for hand tools you can give them a quick wipe with tool oil ...


Virtually all appliances have published minimum clearance requirements. You should be able to look up your model online and find the installation instructions, including said requirements. E.g. this randomly picked Kitchenaid gas range requires 24"-30" clearance above the stove and 5" from the side of the stove to a wall, among other requirements. If your ...


Range hood vented to outdoors. Overlay heat resistant materials over cabinet, CBU/porcelain tile or CBU/stainless steel sheeting CBU = Cement Backer Unit AKA Cement Backer Board

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