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From the 2014 NEC: 210.52 Dwelling Unit Receptacle Outlets. This section provides requirements for 125-volt, 15- and 20-ampere re-ceptacle outlets. The receptacles required by this section shall be in addition to any receptacle that is: (1) Part of a luminaire or appliance, or (2) Controlled by a wall switch in accordance with 210.70(A)(1), ...


Yes, both sides of a door in habitable rooms for any wall space 24" or greater, except closets. Hallways only require one no matter how many doors, or wall breaks. 66" max height if memory serves correct for it to count as part of the wall outlets. Fixed cabinets do not count as wall space so not an issue if the outlet is accessible or not if inside a ...


While cabinets don't count as wallspace -- the intent of that Code requirement is to make it so there are sufficient outlets available so you don't have to string extension cords all over the place. Also, no, a light switch doesn't count, as a) you can't plug things into one and b) switch loops didn't have a neutral until extremely recently.

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