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Silicone is soluble in vinegar. Try applying some vinegar to the remaining residue with a sponge, waiting 30 minutes or so, then trying to rub it off (perhaps with a stiff brush).


You can drill small holes through a typical masonry wall without compromising its load-bearing. Assuming the holes are no more than a few inches in diameter, well spaced apart and are few in number, there should be no problem. If in doubt, ask an engineer.


Don't use mortar that has lime in it. Use Portland cement: grout. The big difference between concrete, mortar [ignoring lime content] and grout is in their plasticity or fluidity in the initial stage. That is: the constancy to which you mix it; how much water (read the label). The nooks and crannies of porous (e.g., 'coliseum') tile are supposed to ...

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