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Drywall is a bad substrate for essentially gluing heavy stuff to. It's soft weak gypsum with a facer of laminated paper that can peel right off. If you really want a brick wall inside, I'd recommend just building it right in front of the drywall. Obviously, the sanity of this idea depends on several factors, one of which is the subfloor. If you're on a ...


It looks like your screw is integral to the bracket so a larger screw is not an option... I think I would use a larger plug that fits snugly in the hole (either plastic or lead), then break off a couple of wooden match sticks in it so the bracket screw grips relatively well. Then coach whoever pulled too hard on the curtain! LOL.


I had the same issue with my curtains. I was able to use the Tapcon concrete 3/16” by 2-1/4” concrete anchors. If your holes are too large for the Tapcons: try drilling out the hole to a ½ inch in diameter and about two inches deep. Then add some construction glue and pound in a ½ inch dowel. You can then reattach the curtain hangers with wood screws.

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