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Check the manufacturer's installation instructions of the veneer product you've chosen to install. That's the only way to know for sure, how that specific product can be installed. Some products can be installed directly to walls, others require underlying support. It depends entirely on the product, and the installation location.


The keys are the "key". When real plaster is applied over wood lath, the base coat oozes through the gaps in the lath and sags or expands a bit forming "keys" that, when dry, hold the plaster layer to the lath. This is a strong structure unless a substantial amount of the keys have been broken (from temperature or humidity swings, structural shifting, ...


Typical mortar joints are 3/8", but there is no rule for it, that it has to be that size. They can be much wider than that. I have seen joints as wide as you have pictured, no big deal, it is a matter of aesthetics. The mason could have looked to find the right size brick, but he may had to order them and possibly pay a premimum for them, especially if he is ...


Don't cut the brick. It will never look OK. Leave a gap and use molding to cover the gap.


I would bypass the drywall and long screws and flat mount 2x4 to the brick and then attach the TV mount to the studs with 1 1/2 wood screws. You would cutaway enough drywall to achieve a flat mount. You might have to add a 1x4 overtop to get the proper flush or slightly proud mounting.


Cutting a hole in your foundation almost always requires an engineer, and is almost never a do-it-yourself project. You'll need an engineer, to tell you how to carry the load around the opening. And you'll likely need tools and knowledge you don't have, to actually cut the hole.


Comment from: What should I consider when cutting/making a window in a concrete foundation? I wouldn't do this without an L shaped metal lintel on the inside to support the load above and also prevent crack/total failure of the veneer. My only thought would be to cut the hole for the window then immediately move to the interior of the home and cut a ...

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