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Get a small axe and using the thick end, hold the brick and just tap it. The mortar will come off in one go on that side. Hold the brick though, don't rest it on the ground. This way took me less than a hour to do all my old bricks.


You might not get the original look back, but you can make it better. I'd take grinding wheel and cut a deep groove in the outer ring of mortar, then go to town on the bricks in the middle (as the groove will protect the older brick from damage). This will make quite a bit of dust, a dust shroud and HEPA vacuum rental are highly recommended, along with ...


A 3/8" plate may be a little too thick to fit without fattening up the brick joint. A 3 1/2"X 3 1/2"X 1/4" is a little overkill but would keep from creating a fatter joint. With all the brick I laid, for that size window that is what has ever been used. Although structurally the 3/8" plate would work too, I would still use the angle. Otherwise you may notice ...

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