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It's called an angle shrinkage. Or at least, the particular type which allows expansion in two directions is. Products may also be called angle stretcher plates.


Find a good metal fabrication shop near you and have something custom made. I suggest you have the bottoms of the legs in contact with the floor. And it goes without saying that it needs to be firmly attached to studs or other solid structure.


If you are butting a rim joist into the beam, you can frame like the first photo with the beam held back 1-1/2" and the first rim joist extending to the end of the post. Then, in the corner of the second (inner) rim joist and the beam, attach some Simpson A35's. 1 should do, but if you have enough height you could install 2. Each A35 can transfer nearly ...


Looks like a job for the (pricey) Simpson's Strong Tie ECCL More info here:

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