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Were you the one who installed these? I have a similar one in my own house. It came with a black rubber gasket that goes behind the bracket. Once it is tightened, the gasket stabilizes the bracket to the wall. The gasket is easy to miss; mine was in with the advertising of additional products. I had to contact customer service to find out about it.


First check to see if the new bracket actually fits in the hole for the electrical box, not including the fact that the screws don't line up. Second, it would be better to replace the box with one that is fan rated, but assuming that you don't care about this: You can either attack the old bracket with a hack saw or buy 2 pieces of 1" x 1/2" x 1/16th metal ...


If your box is that small it is almost certain that it is not a fan rated box. If it is not, then the box MUST be replaced with a fan rated box. Sorry, but even with approval, someone unlicensed, uninsured, and unqualified SHOULD NOT be doing electrical work in a place that they rent. This is a perfect example; something as "simple" as changing a ceiling ...

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