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find a scissor with not-so-flimsy build, open to the right angle and insert into the two slot. If the screw is not too tight, this could work


Depending on how many you have and what is at risk ... could fit the T40 screw head socket with the largest possible hex/allen bit, spray the T40 recess with silicone, clean the hex bit, dab some quick curing epoxy or liquid metal into the recess, immediately followed by inserting the bit (only) until cured.


Take the screw out and chisel off the plastic head. Don't try to pull it out, just push it into the wall cavity, spackle it and paint it. Sorry, I missed where you said you want to reuse these. I've always considered these types of anchor bolts as disposable. One use only. Buy news ones as you don't want your shelves to be compromised using wanky, used wall ...


The spikey washer needs to go between pieces of wood. I doubt its usefulness, since the strength is either going to come from the bolt in shear, or friction between the wood surfaces, depending on how tightly it's bolted. The teeth won't fix poor clamping. A lockwasher needs a lot of compression to function properly, it's really intended for metal. If ...

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