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"Sleeve" or "Bushing" (sleeve being closer to correct for this application, but having both in hand will give you more things to try at the hardware store.) A section of pipe or tube might well do the job in the "not precut to length" materials section. Are they all missing, or do you have one or more you can take with you to match?


According to a manufacturer (constructiontool.com), they're Right Angled Bend Anchor Bolts. I agree with @Larry, that they were special order. This is a steel bolt, with 1/4-20 threads on one end and a bent shaft on the other. Anchor Bolt, 1/4-20, 1.875" long, steel: (andymark.com) Used to avoid through bolting for esthetics or for where it's ...


This is a specialty bolt made up my the manufacturer of the basketball hoop. I suspect you are asking because you need a new one. I doubt if you will be able to find one, but you should be able to make up something very similar that will do the same function. Get a regular bolt, washer and nut, with the right diameter and length. A second washer might be ...

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