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I found what I needed! I happened to stumble upon it after posting this. What I need are "Wood Insert Interface Screws" http://www.amazon.com/Insert-Interface-Screws-Hexagonal-Furniture/dp/B00KRXY8CG/ref=sr_1_5?s=hi&ie=UTF8&qid=1414223345&sr=1-5&keywords=wood+nut This will allow me to screw these into the wood, while using a carriage bolt ...


You can overkill the job as much as you like, but it's easy enough to use a studfinder or a magnet (looking for screw-heads) to establish the location of the stud non-desctructively, or drill some small holes that will be covered by the rack (and which you can spackle) to destructively identify for certain where the edge of the stud is, and thus infer the ...


Those sets of three letters sound like a whole slue of manufactures as seen here (fastenal.com) in the example of a head marking, on page 44. The Appendix, beginning at page 36, shows industry standards. Any bolt not conforming to these specifications is assumed to be a grade 2 or less.

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