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Tankless units are limited in the amount of hot water they can produce. It is rated at a certain number of gallons per minute. Think of it in terms of continuous versus multiple use. With a tankless unit rated at 7 gallons per minute you could shower with a 3 gallon per minute shower head until you ran out of fuel. If three people were multiple showering at ...


Unless you have a written local amendment disallowing it there is no reason this would be unsafe or prohibited. I have seen and worked on many, many basements that fit this exact description. My only concern would be keeping the area clear of lint from the dryer.


You're right, but only because oil is the worst, most expensive way to heat a home. Pretty much anything beats it, except maybe electric resistance in places with high electricity prices. Wood, gas, and heat pump electric will all beat the pants off oil. That said, even 80% efficiency may be optimistic for a modern high efficiency wood stove. But even if ...

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