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What could I do to reduce the amount of heat in the living room on sunny days without obstructing the view to the outside permanently? What I find works well are traditional Venetian-blinds with silver-coloured metal horizontal slats. Even though these are inside the window, they are still remarkably effective at reflecting sunlight out the window and ...


Would think that the assisted action is with a counter weight somewhere. Perhaps that counter weight is stuck somewhere and you need to free it. Based on your description the weight of the blind is 'balanced' and will thus stop wherever you leave it. This makes me think there ought to be a counter weight somewhere. Much like elevators or lifts.


I agree with Ade's answer from May 29. I just couldn't seem to rotate it out however much force I used. I used a metal kitchen palette knife which has nice round blunt edges/point to not damage anything, and is very thin. My mounting brackets on the window are light grey, and the clips on the cassette are black. You can feel the sprung clip click away, ...

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