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I'm sure you will be a lot happier sleeping on your home made design if you add some diagonal braces -- one across the back and one on each side. Professional furniture designers know how to construct strong joints using hard wood and proper brackets, but with the materials and techniques available to us amateurs it is wiser to overbuild a little.


I don't think it's practical to come up with a definitive answer without experimentation, but I would try these: sheets of rubber, such as what is sold in the plumbing section of the hardware store, maybe folded over a couple times sound isolating feet sold for washers/dryers


In the cases where I've run I to something like this, the hotel originally had open walkways around the rooms -- allowing more light in, and probably cheaper to build -- which were later closed off with an outside wall to provide a sheltered approach to the rooms and to reduce energy needed to heat or cool the rooms. The windows were left in place because ...


First of all, building codes covering private residences are typically not the same as larger commercial buildings. In the USA those are often the IRC and IBC, respectively (although each state has their own versions and amendments). But to the issue you asked about: were the windows into the hallway operable? Hotel windows are usually inoperable and are ...


It seems like you are actually asking several questions here, so I'll break down my answer: Is spruce appropriate? short answer: yes. A softwood like spruce will be relatively inexpensive, and plenty strong enough if you use thick enough pieces. Be aware that it may dent more easily than a hardwood. For a project like this, almost any kind of wood will be ...


Are they blackout curtains that you are using? Also getting a curtain rod that wraps would help like the little white cheap ones from walmart. Those also stay closer in so they block more light from the top.


There are light blocking cellular shades the can be mounded toward the room side of the venetian blinds. You might need to construct baffles at the top and on the sides as well that the shades rise behind. You also could get a light blocking roller shade, place it room side of the blinds, and have the shade run down channels on either side. You still ...

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