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Make your own ShiftShade. Watch this on how it works: go to youtube DOT com and search for ShiftShade. Then buy the fabric yourself. It's called: Roc-Lon Blackout Fabric and you can probably find it at your local fabric store (mine has a 40%off sale, AND a 25% off coupon you can find on their website: JoAnn DOT com ) Then decide how you want to put it in ...


Diceless and Chris given some solid suggestions so I'll just throw out one more option here by way of this link. These sliding barn doors are a lot easier to install than a pocket door and add a nice architectural element to the room.


Quick and Dirty - Get double doors with pins that go into the jamb and floor to hold the center closed, and lock them. Advantage: Undo-able. Permanent: See diceless's answer. Semi-Permanent: Create a 2x4 stud wall that just fits in the existing door. Nail it to the door jamb. Cover with drywall, or awesome 1970's basement paneling. Put the dresser in ...


My personal perference would be to remove the trim and floor under the opening, frame with 2x4's and then drywall. Paint and re-trim. The pocket door will take a little more work depending on where the hinges will be. If the hinges will be on the side where the door slides into the wall, you will need to open the wall and re-frame that section. If the ...

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