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Probably ABS plastic fits the bill. But, as others have noted, this sounds like a terrible and dangerous idea. Don't set yourself on fire.


Microwaves go in the kitchen. I would suggest that it is up in a higher spot so kids can't play with them. That is a good reason they are often over ovens along with the venting. Also from an electric point of view almost all microwaves require a 12A dedicated circuit. For a kitchen you will probably have several runs like this and it is just bundled ...


The project you linked is for a small heating pad on a chair, and uses insulated wire to prevent electrical shorts. This is relatively safe (though not as safe as just buying one) mostly because the person using it is awake and alert - if it starts arcing or overheating they will notice. Building your own to heat the whole bed is a much riskier ...


If you have loose pin hinges (most door hinges are, so they can be taken off quickly to allow wide items to pass), it is very simple for a burglar to remove the pins and remove the doors, since the hinge pins will be on the outside.


You have to use your common sense here because there is no code on interior doors. It really depends on the opening, if the door has room to swing outward without damaging walls or hitting furniture during a fire, I always use outswing doors. If your worried about security, they make security hinges that are tamper proof, and can't be unhinged from the ...


This is how I solved exactly the same problem in my bedroom:


To avoid the possible hazards and disadvantages of a door that opens into the bedroom, and not obscure the wall switch as you open the door, either reroute the wiring to put the wall switch on the entry wall, or hinge the door to swing in the other direction.


There is no code that tells you that your bedroom doors need to swing in for a bedroom. But it is usually not a good idea for them to swing out. as you mentioned the doors present an obstruction in spaces. In hallways it might even be comical to wind your way around 7 open doors from both sides. when you are talking about privacy the doors have swung ...

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