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Glass isn't very flexible and you stand a pretty good chance of breaking the glass, which could injure you directly, or allow you to fall out the window. You didn't say how far the window is off the ground outside, but presumably you don't want to fall out the window unexpectedly amidst shards of glass that could end up sticking out of you at comically ...


I'm assuming you want to preserve the view through the window? I.e. no block it off with plywood. I would suggest combining layers of plexiglass. In my experience, when the various types of plexiglass break, they don't produce as sharp stab-you-through-the-ribs shards as glass. There are two properties that you want to look for when selecting the type of ...


There is no reason that the headboard has to be attached to the bed frame. I have slept quite soundly at the houses of family members where the headboard was a freestanding fixture or attached to the wall and the bed sat on the floor next to the headboard.

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