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The guy who plumbed this probably goes out for beer with the guy who plumbed our double-wide. :) I learned the hard way, by repairing previous work here, that you can't have too many vents. Where to put them though? Your drop from the tub to the P doesn't have a lot of space. I can also appreciate not running horizontal below the "flood level." So, I'd ...


KY is water soluble, so would be pointless as a lubricant for plumbing fixtures. In a pinch, maybe petroleum jelly would work.


"The underside of the tub appears to be sealed with some sort of black sealant" No, that is just a black rubber washer which acts as a cushion against the rough cast underside of the tub. The seal is provided on the top side by a bead/layer of plumber's putty. "Can I just epoxy that area to stop the leak" No, you need to unscrew the strainer from the ...


Claw foot tubs cost more than modern steel tubs by about one order of magnitude, but you sure do get what you pay for. A cast iron tub will survive being removed and installed multiple times, whereas a steel one might need to be replaced in your lifetime. They're ~$150, why would you ever reuse an old and abused steel tub? A used and slightly abused claw ...

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