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I have seen this with washer less faucets. The pressure drop causes them to drip especially if they are older. A set of new seals and possibly springs may tighten it enough to stop the drip, The big box stores Cary kits with different sizes some times they are color coded to size, there are at least 3 different sizes that I can remember, or you could pull ...


I'm pretty certain that is a Valley Tub/Shower fixture. I have the same one. You can find replacement parts on-line. Just Google "Valley Tub/Shower Valve." This link shows how to fix one of those.


For common bathtubs the correct overflow gasket should be wedge shaped with a flat side and an angled side. The flat side mates with the overflow horn (the piece directly behind the hole) and the angled side mates with the backside of the tub, fat part down to match the slope of the tub wall. I have seen them made of both solid rubber and foam rubber. I ...


The guy who plumbed this probably goes out for beer with the guy who plumbed our double-wide. :) I learned the hard way, by repairing previous work here, that you can't have too many vents. Where to put them though? Your drop from the tub to the P doesn't have a lot of space. I can also appreciate not running horizontal below the "flood level." So, I'd ...

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