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Your vanity plan should have front side doors in line with where the sink is located. Then the drawers should be off to the left or right side where there is plenty of height and space toward the back to accommodate their placement. There are multiple reasons to not put drawers in the vanity under the sink area: People stand in front of the vanity at the ...


Install a humidity sensor fan control, like this one from Leviton. It will automatically turn on the fan, when it senses excess humidity in the room. You should be able to find them from other manufacturers as well, this was simply the first example I found when searching.


The life time depends on various factors and so it is not possible to give a definitive answer. If the considerations are for an outdoor typical "garden hose" then here are some factors that will affect hose life: How long the hose lays out in the direct sunlight. Temperature of the environment where the hose is stored. How many times the hose is driven ...


It is a change in floor plans to 'kick up' the corner and keep water from sitting there.


I would avoid caulking again as it's likley to become a re-occuring problem, it's best to fix the source issue. Contact the original contractor, they may repair the work if it's under warranty. If they are unwilling, check with your local regulations as your original contractor may be liable for repairs, certainly seems like a fault with the original ...


Yes, this is mould. its from the high humidity in the shower area. If you have a window, I would leave it open after showers, or better yet, install an extractor fan. You can remove the mould by getting some 20% Hydrogen Peroxide and diluting it into a spray bottle... just spray on mould and it should go away. I would add about 10% hydrogen peroxide to ...


I doubt that scraping paint of the celling would upset anyone, unless someone has hearing devices on your celling :) I suggest that you scrap it off, clean the surface with bleach or something like that and then repaint it. But the real question is what is causing this mold? My first guess is that you are not ventilating, or not ventilating bathroom enough ...

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