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It is possible there is an "inline duct fan" half way along the duct. These are "designed to produce higher working pressures for applications that require high air flows, with low relative noise." compared to cheaper surface-mounted fans. Your duct presumably runs through your attic/loft and is accessible from there. There will probably be an ...


It may be a passive ventilation system (which are more commonly found in apartments). You should follow the duct and see where it goes. I only say that because, well, it may just be a shoddy job, or it may be going to an HVAC sytem or something crazy. This is an unusual thing. You should have a vent and the vent should go outside. For best results the vent ...


Your options: 1) Add perimeter baseboard hot water heat units. Just re-route the existing master bath feed to these baseboard units. 2) Add perimeter electric units. This would be more expensive in the long run as electricity is more expensive than gas. Plus the installation would require added wiring. You could also opt for under tile electric heat. 3) ...


Purchase a towel bar to your liking that has the bar as a separate piece, longer than the spacing you need. Cut the bar to the length you need and install. I have had to cut the bar on occasion when the space was too small for the bar on the wall, so I made it shorter.The same idea should work for you.

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