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Clarification from the manufacturer: "Natural stone should be sealed prior to grouting. A premium penetrating sealer is recommended for a natural look. A stone enhancing sealer can be applied to darken or highlight the features of the stone. The sealer is safe to apply over the entire mosaic with the glass."


It appears as though the tile was set around the cabinetry, which is typical. When the cabinets are removed the grout joint between the cabinets and tile will be damaged. Therefore, at a minimum, that joint will need to be reworked. That said, it would be a daunting challenge to have cabinets made to such close specifications that they fit well against the ...


Yes, it should be possible to remove the cabinets without damaging the tile. However, the replacement cabinets will have to be the exact same size, or you'll have some tile work to do (adding or removing tile).


Construction adhesive would certainly do the job, but it would destroy the drywall when you remove it. I'd use silicone caulk as both the adhesive and the caulk to the countertop. It'll be rock solid, and if you ever need to remove it you may be able to do so without ripping paper off the drywall. Just put 2 or 3 quarter-sized dabs along the back. They'll ...


You do not state how large the area is, but assuming it is an entire back-splash Option #6 is your best bet. If applied with proper technique the grout is unlikely to discolor the natural stone, or at worst it will change very slightly but uniformly. You need to have several buckets of clean water along with several grout sponges and perform a "dirty", ...

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