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RCA audio cables are normally coaxial in construction, and are fine out to 50 feet or more, normally. I've run 100+ feet when needed for auditorium A/V setups. While there are fancier ways to go long distances, with modern equipment and cables there's little need for them in most cases. Most coaxial cable is not particularly suited to use as "output, ...


I have just installed a multi-room audio system based on the Logitech Media Server (LMS). The actual players are called SqueezeBox / Squeeze Players. With this service it's possible to play mp3, Spotify, web radio, tune-in, sky.fm, and more. Every player in the house can play different music, or play the same music synchronized. Music and players are ...


I would recommend neither in this case. I would use a small masonry bit and drill several holes outlining around the edges of where the new box will be and then simply use a screwdriver and tap between each hole to make a larger space. The same method works for making a large hole in a concrete block. Should be cheaper than buying or renting some tool too.

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