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To this day tar paper is used as a moisture barrier under masonry products and roofing on the outside of homes. You correctly identified the layers from inside out, tar paper, metal lathe, stucco. To repair it you will need to remove the damaged product and replace the layers. Check the Internet for videos on repairing damaged stucco. Good luck!


Older homes usually had a layer of "tar paper" on top of the roof sheathing (plywood or OSB) and underneath the roof shingles. This paper was intended to be a "water resistant barrier" so that water or ice that migrated under the shingles would not soak the sheathing. Water-soaked sheathing will mould or rot, and create a health or safety hazard. But I don'...


You can certainly put the R30 batts in between the 2x6 collar ties, but it won't result in an R30 ceiling installation, due the thermal bridging of the collar ties and the resultant gap above them between the insulation batts. I think abetter plan might be to stuff the 6" thick insulation in between collar ties as normal, then lay another layer of 6" thick ...


I found a simple way to cover the nail points. Use small pieces of plastic tubing over each nail point. Depending on the size of nails, you may need one or two different tubing sizes. I used "Micro-Fuel Line" from Home Depot in two sizes: 1/4" OD/7/64" ID, and 3/16" OD/3/32" ID because I had two different nail sizes in my attic. A 10' length of each ...

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