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The main reason is initial cost, but a close second is that most home owners don't know how insulation works and trust R-value, the simplistic measurement on the label. Label information should be enough to make an informed decision, but it is not. R-value is meaningless without further information. R-value measurement involves near zero air movement; ...


There is no standard regulation or law by state of IL. If your local gov (ie Bldg Dep of the city) has anything follow it. If not, a mold report by an idependent lab should suffice.


Your picture suggests that they are different truss types. The fact that one doesn't have the vertical member in the middle doesn't mean that it isn't needed. I could design a roof without any bracing members - that doesn't mean that you can go and take out bracing members from a different roof. My design would need chunkier members and connections to take ...

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