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No, it is plaster with animal hairs in it, probably pig or cow hair. To determine if there are asbestos fibers inside the plaster, break it apart and examine with magnifying glass. Asbestos is a fine white fiber. It looks like this: The fibers on the right are asbestos, those on the left are animal hairs. Asbestos fibers will be colorless, very fine and ...


Since you've already got it in a bag, send the bag off to a test lab. It's the only way to know for sure.


Keep in mind that in South Korea people generally don't worry about asbestos. There is no government regulation really to speak of, no licensing or training available to people removing asbestos and thus little / no safety precautions taken in most cases. You can find many sources to support my claims. Here is just one: ...


If debris like this is all around the premises, then it is certainly of MAJOR concern


Nobody can tell you whether or not that is ACM (asbestos containing material) by the pictures. You have to send it to a lab to know for sure. Does it look like other ACM I have encountered? Yes Will it hurt you if you wet it, bag it, and throw it away? No Could it hurt you if you keep it laying around on your desk taking pictures of it and handling it? ...

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