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If your home is older than 1980 (was officially banned in 1977 in the US), then it is very likely that there is some asbestos in the house. It was viewed as a miracle product before there were health concerns. Asbestos was in a variety of building materials including, but not excluding drywall compounds, insulation products, drywall, siding, and roofing ...


I would start by asking your real estate agent. They may be able to give you a quick answer like "definitely not, that's fiberglass" or "maybe". It's also possible the current owners have done testing. If they have any knowledge of asbestos in the house, most (all?) states require them to disclose it (although it may be hard to enforce that). However if ...


With an asbestos test kit or a professional asbestos testing firm. If you're buying the house, you may be able to get the sellers to pay for this.

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