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I am sure they sell large pans somewhere but that shouldn't be a concern. Your freezer should be contained, in that if there is a power outage and everything melts - the water should stay in your freezer. Note: I have to think if I was putting a deep freezer on my hardwoods I would lay it on an area rug. Even insulated the freezer bottom is pretty cold ...


I have no idea whether surge protectors function "in reverse", but I doubt it would make much difference in your situation anyway, for the following reasons: Surge suppressors are not just capacitors, they typically have a clamping voltage above which the suppressor will cut off power. The clamping voltage may be 2 or 3 times the regular voltage (i.e. much ...


Well, it's not really a glorified capacitor, but yes, it will work both ways. Of course, so would recycling the crappy fridge and getting one that isn't turning on every 15 minutes and doesn't make a huge spike when it does turn on. That can't be helping your power bill much.


f21 - Long drain time - Pump was plugged ya we found the problem, it was a large chunk of cloth, an eye glasses cleaning cloth about 5" x 5" balled up and stuck in the drain pump exit hole, surprised something this large found its way down there


If the fan is not working, you need to focus on that first. If you spin it manually, does it work? If so, the motor may just be old or clogged so starting friction is too high - try cleaning, then replace. If you cannot spin it, check for obstruction. If none, replace. Check voltage across the fan motor (with door switch open then closed) - if it doesn't ...

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