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Since you have a flue I assume it is either gas/propane or oil fired. Most water heaters have cover near the base to service the burner or the igniter. First shut off the fuel source. If you remove the cover you should be able to look inside with the aid of a flashlight. Most burners are round and you may find that the cap has fallen into the center and may ...


Note that some freezers, paradoxically, had actual heaters for the outside walls to reduce condensation. That has mostly gone away as insulation has become better and energy efficiency has become a major selling point.


The freezer provides the cooling for the refrigerator. The refrigerator settings usually just adjust vent ports from the freezer. Some units use just vent ports, other units utilize ports along with a fan. Set the fridge at midpoint setting then adjust the freezer setting until your stuff in the fridge no longer ices up.


Assuming you mean you can't reset the GFI even when nothing is plugged into it: Yes, they can wear out and may need to be replaced. Obviously, turn off the power at the circuit breaker before removing this one and installing the replacement. If you can reset it with nothing plugged in, then the problem is probably the appliance rather than the GFI. Get it ...

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