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Assuming you mean you can't reset the GFI even when nothing is plugged into it: Yes, they can wear out and may need to be replaced. Obviously, turn off the power at the circuit breaker before removing this one and installing the replacement. If you can reset it with nothing plugged in, then the problem is probably the appliance rather than the GFI. Get it ...


If you can hear some noises during the stuck rinse cycle, then it would likely be that the clutch had worn. You need to replace the clutch assembly.


I had a similar problem about two years ago and a guy friend brought over something called "Rubbing Compound" or sometimes called "buffing compound" used to polish away scuffs and scratches on cars. It worked, but wasn't a bag from Target that left the imprint so not sure if it's the same coloring chemicals. From what I gather, if rubbing compound doesn't ...


I don't see bleach on your list of things? Red has a real problem with bleach. If that doesn't work, you may try WD-40 or even carburetor cleaner. Just use either with a lot of fresh air available. Soft Scrub works pretty well for this kind of thing, too, but it uses bleach, so may not be any better than using straight bleach.


5" WC is a reasonable pressure which is about 0.18 PSI. There should be a sticker on the dryer that will say what the max inlet pressure. Sending 2PSI without a regulator will likely damage the dryer or not have it work correctly. It'll probably blow the flame out and never dry your clothes.


Check to see if the freezer side is working. Often times the cold air comes from the freezer side via vents/holes going from the freezer to the fridge which can be adjusted. If the freezer side is working and the fridge isn't, it's likely these are completely closed or maybe blocked by items in the freezer covering them. This may not be your exact issue. ...

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