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Qu 1: What is the best way to extend the existing double socket to add 3 extra sockets. You want to increase the total load from 15A to >27A. You probably don't want the breaker tripping if you, for example, run the washer and dryer at the same time. If the existing circuit is really a radial circuit with a dedicated breaker in the CU you will need to ...


There should be airflow from the freezer down to the fridge, but this can become blocked by ice, especially in some specific models. Try doing a complete manual defrost and see if that solves the problem. If it does, a modification to the defrost heater may be possible to keep this from recurring.


Try a liquid detergent most major supermarkets have their own branded product. If you must use a tablet make sure the dispenser is dry first then give it a short spray of silicon furniture polish before inserting the tablet.


We just did this with a GE Artistry microwave we had over our daughter's range. We bought the GE Artistry fan/hood to install over the range. We used the Ikea Sektion cabinets. We installed a 36" wide "over the fridge" cabinet and installed the plug inside the cabinet. (cut a hole for the plug to be threaded through bottom of cabinet) We then mounted 2 x ...


It sounds like your air conditioner plug has a built in circuit breaker. If so, the breaker probably needs constant current to remain set, even when the unit is nominally off (a small trickle current is being used by the breaker and its light). If that is so, the timer would prevent the breaker plug from getting current for its standby state. It then might ...


Simply if both of those kitchen outlets are supplied from the same circuit with the 20A fuse you have a problem. The maximum available power is: 220VAC * 20A = 4400W. It is usually recommended that a circuit be derated to 80% of it's fused capacity for loads that may be on for any length of time. That takes your recommended available usage to 3520W. So ...


It sounds like your control board is failing, considering that unpowering and repowering the unit is not getting it out of the bad state -- replacing it should fix it.

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