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Same as a few others mentioned, Google says no such thing as white ants, but does come back with a bit of useful info anyway. From http://www.termitesgonewild.com/termite-identification/white-ants/ possibly a way to identify them (pictures there too): Although there is a tremendous number of subspecies of ants, ants are easily distinguished from ...


I have heard the term white ants this is referred to as termites It sounds like you might have termites but hopefully you don't make sure you eliminate any moisture that's in contact with any timber/wood I'd be getting the termite control in asap before any real damage is done Good luck


If it's anything like our regular ants at my house, we use dish soap and some water in a sprayer. Works pretty well for us.


There is no such thing as a white ants. Termites are white, however. Termites require two things: wood and water in the same location. If you have termites, you need to eliminate any contact between wood and moisture in the house. Note that wood in contact with the ground is automatically considered "moist".

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