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There is no such thing as a white ants. Termites are white, however. Termites require two things: wood and water in the same location. If you have termites, you need to eliminate any contact between wood and moisture in the house. Note that wood in contact with the ground is automatically considered "moist".


Ants are constantly seeking food and water to maintain the colony. When an ant locates either in your house it lays down a scent trail with pheromes that the rest of the worker ants use as a freeway into your home. The ideal way to ensure they never invade your home again is to wipe out the Queen and the worker ants. This is accomplished by tracing the ant ...


I have always had good luck with boric acid powder, it's hard to beat. It's very inexpensive, sold under various names, sometimes as a roach killer, but it kills most bugs. It's another thing that kills the whole colony if it's tracked back to the nest. It's odor free. It lasts a long time where you sprinkle it. You can apply the powder on the ...


Same as a few others mentioned, Google says no such thing as white ants, but does come back with a bit of useful info anyway. From http://www.termitesgonewild.com/termite-identification/white-ants/ possibly a way to identify them (pictures there too): Although there is a tremendous number of subspecies of ants, ants are easily distinguished from ...


As keshlam mentioned, always start with pressure treated lumber. Beyond that keep it sealed/stained every year, it doesn't sound like you will have much wood left once you replace with the composite so it should be pretty easy. This helps prevent rot and splitting and can keep insects away. It will also help prevent things growing in and on the wood.


Pressure-treated lumber, or one of the tropical hardwoods which develops its own insecticides, should be proof against both termites and carpenter ants for many years. Outside of that, catch and fix rot early, since carpenter ants are most likely to move into wood that has already suffered some damage.


Bayer make a terrific product called Top Choice. It is a one time application for year long Fire Ant control. It is a restricted use product so you licensed pest control professional will have to apply it if it is allowed on the label for your area. Spread rate is 84 lbs. per acre and may run around $300.00 an acre. Rate is 2 lbs. per 1,000 sq. ft. Re-Entry ...

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