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The plywood is bouncy and needs screws, but OSB will lay with very few fasteners. I have used both with stapled engineered hardwood over top. But I will do it with OSB and Tap-con every 2 feet in the future.


Being Brass, the anchor is nice and easy to drill, Just get a Steel drill and slowly drill into the remaining anchor. once you have drilled through 90% of the brass, take a long nose pliers and "implode" the rest of the material into itself.


A slide hammer would be the most likely to work in that case. Drill a hole in the broken part, screw in the tip of a slide hammer, hammer it up and out. Using a penetrating lubricant and a screw extractor to get the broken threaded part (only) out would be an alternate approach. Be sure to apply anti-seize to the threads of all the ones that still work, ...


I just tryed putting the screw back in and pulling it and out it poped the. All I had to do was fill in the holes

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