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It depends on the type of anchor and the length of the screw, but I think you may have another problem. Most drywall anchors rely on the screw to expand the anchor and secure it into the drywall. In these cases, if the screw is not into the anchor to an adequate depth, the anchor will not have sufficient purchase in the sheetrock. With this said, however, ...


It's a coat hook - it doesn't hold that much weight, and all the force is shear force, not pulling force. So pretty much anything will work. Simple plastic anchors with screws will work just fine. (Never heard of rawl plugs but google says that that's the same thing as a plastic anchor.) Masonry screws are a real pain to use if you are not a pro. I would ...


You'll need a masonry bit and hammer drill to get a hole in brick. However it may be easier to screw the hooks to a piece of wood and mount the wood to the wall. With a nice routed edge on the wood that can look really nice. To mount the wood you can use normal masonry anchors.


If these are only for coats I would glue them up with construction adhesive or silicone.

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