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Most anchors don't come out of concrete. You have two choices. If you need to keep the look (little chipping) hit it with an angle grinder plus diamond blade. If you are putting something over these, hammer and sharp chisel works really fast.


Normally this is done by drilling an oversized hole, filling it with mortar and inserting a threaded anchor. The modern way to do things is to use what is called a "drop in anchor". This is an expanding anchor, kind of like a dry wall anchor. You drill the hole to size, drop in the anchor (tap it in with a hammer actually). When the bolt is screwed in, the ...


Tapcons <(Stack Exchange discussion) will do the trick. Just use enough of the right ones and some washers. Do not use plastic anything. Personally, they're my favorite and I dread making the holes for these, wedge anchors, when I need something to be structural. Recently I've begun using these, Wedge Bolts instead, where something better than a ...

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