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Do you know what stopped your drill? If it's brick then use a masonry bit and a hammer drill to make a hole. Then use masonry anchors in the brick.


You could use the large anchors to mount a piece of wood on the wall, then mount the bike hooks to the wood with #8 screws. This may be easier than drilling out the bike hook mounting holes.


Epoxy based anchors are a potential alternative provided the epoxy anchor manufacturer's written requirements are met.


Use larger anchors/screws. IMO this is the best option. There are dozens of different types of anchors, so it is possible to find one that will be larger but fit the smaller screw. Myself, I'd drill the rack and use the proper screw for the anchors you have. Another possibility, since brick is pretty deep, is to use a longer Tap-Con style screw, like 3" ...


A post base. There are several styles, this is one.

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