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The best alarm system you can have is three large well-trained guard dogs. I can say that, since I've done security electronics in some of the more secure places in this world, and for a while I had every-day conversations with professional burglars.


If the wire for the switch and the bell that is in the existing conduit is carrying 110V, the answer is NO. You can not mix High & Low Voltage in the same conduit, so you will need to run an additional conduit to connect to the second set of terminals. Is this for your residence or for a business? I question this as you are "playing with fire", in ...


This for $30 may be worth a shot. I don't see an 1/8" jack, though. Check to see if it meets the version and protocol requirements of the control box. It's just a modem, the phone number was most likely input into the Siemens box if it has an interface (take a look inside if you must, carefully) or a device that was hooked to it. If you have multiple sensor ...


If the modem is the only problem, replacing it might well solve the problem. As for finding a particular model of old modem at a non-outrageous price - ebay; sometime patience is needed for a very specific model or to get it at a non-absurd price, but generally modems are pretty cheap there. Where the number is programmed - to be certain, you'd need a ...

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