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I can't speak to the regulatory side of this, other than to say I'd be very surprised if a custom-built circuit like you're describing would pass an inspection just for the fact that it's a non-UL/CSA approved device on a life safety circuit. Being in a private residence at least will relax the requirements compared to a commercial or multi-tenant building, ...


My suggestion is that you try pressing in (or up) on these two tabs: And then that the lower part of the unit will hinge down. The hinge edge being along here:


This sounds like a fun project for a rainy weekend. I have similar situation. Bought a house that had an old alarm system in it. The box is locked and I don't have a key. The "control panel" still lights up and there is a "ready light" that glows whenever all of the sensors are "happy". I'm thinking it would be easy to take one of the super-simple wifi ...


Speaking in general terms, the wired sensors are standard across manufacturers. If you call an alarm company to come out and hook you up for monitoring, they will either reuse the panel or just replace it. Often this cost is waived as part of signing a monitoring contract. Wireless sensors are not as compatible, but not out of the realm of possibility. ...


HEMS, the vendor, answered my enquiry. There is actually a clip (first image in the original question) with an arrow mark on it. The problem is that the mark is uncoloured, very difficult to be noticed from where I stand. Push the clip to the left to release the lock, then pull down the whole thing.

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