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yes you can go foe it but you have to perform some cautions like oiling and air dry. you must take care about the size as well.


You can have the overlook to all the available modes in the market with their specifications.According to the specifications you can have the grading.


i would say that rule of thumb must be different for different places. e.g if you're living in industrial area like where you have alot of pollution in the air , you must go for change before the time mentioned in the manual but if you're living in healthy environment like well planned societies than it could lasts more than specified time. In short you must ...


It sounds like the range hood duct wasn't quite airtight, and some grease has escaped into the guts of the structure it was running through. This type of IAQ problem is basically a nuisance -- it's easy enough to fix by removing the culprit grease buildup from wherever it is, although finding it may be a hassle and may require management to dispatch someone ...

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