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There are many options to improve air quality in your apartment. I did some research when I moved into my place last year, and learned that there are many indoor air quality issues that people don't realize may be harmful, like toxins from house cleaners or chemicals that expel from building materials, air conditioners, even electronics. A window fan that ...


A cracked heat exchanger comes to mind first, leaking supply ducts causing negative pressure, a bad thermocouple, bad


For the heat mode they are ok, for cooling I like the old horse hair reusable types we sprayed with sticky stuff, they filtered better as they got dirty and allowed air to flow for the AC mode.


You need to install a return air grill designed to have an air filter installed. This is much more convenient and more likely to get changed as a result. The placement of a filter in the unit in an attic is not a wise choice.

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