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They look like expanded stainless steel and that would make them completely reusable. I would hose them off and put them back in and save yourself some money. Unless you are sensitive and need a HEPA style filter these should work fine for most dust and hair.


This problem can be multi-faceted. Someone could guess all day long as to what the problem(s) is / are and not even come close. Air conditioning isn't something to guess at. It's like having a rattle on a car and taking the approach of replacing one part at a time to find the rattle. It would be cheaper to just buy a new car. ( I give that as an example you ...


The reason that 90 degree turns (or any tight radius bends) in duct systems are discouraged are because they reduce air-flow. The friction that is encountered by the moving air as it hits the wall of the turn slows it down decreasing the distance it can travel. There are equations that can be used to calculate the number of bends before air performance is ...


Aspen makes several models, some are 120 some 240V the ones I have installed were plug in 120V models. One thing to check is to see if the float inside is stuck. Deposits build up and the float sticks then it won’t turn on for 1 possibility.


There are commercial units designed for this application, there should be no reason you could not convert yours for it. However, you should consider: if your unit is rated for indoor use only, you will be voiding the warranty and possible creating a shock/electrocution hazard; use a G.F.C.I. please UV damage caused by exposure to sunlight, consider a ...


So the problem ended up being the contactor on the outside unit. How I went about troubleshooting the problem was to disconnect the outside from high voltage power. Then I turned on the thermostat and allowed it to cycle a few times over the course of 2 days. The fan would come on as expected and the fuse never blew. I ordered a new contactor and ...

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