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Peel of the backing at a corner a bit and position that in the corresponding corner. Then peel off more as you go and rub with a straight edged tool from the start to the end in short strokes. This way you make a dividing line between the portion already glued and the portion that's not yet glued (and still has the backing on it). Minimize the exposed ...


What you can do by hand is fairly limited. Wallpaper is adhesive backed, but slightly repositionable. If what you have sticks strongly at first contact, your choices are limited. I would suggest the following, Use a roller, as wide as possible, and of rubber. This should eliminate most bubbles and creases. Go slow. This will allow you to catch and fix ...


Re-did some floors a couple of years ago with the same situation, two layers of carpets on hardwood floor with the bottom layer glued down. We used heat gun and scrapers to remove most of it, and then some glue remover on the worst parts. After doing this the person that came in and re-did our floors said that was not needed, especially the glue remover. He ...


See if you can get some evo stick adhesive remover...its in a red tin. It really is the best...we use it in the factory so it is industrial strength stuff. If that doesn't get it off I doubt anything will.


If the glue is still tacky at all (or ever was), Laquer Thinner or "Goof Off" may be a good solvent. If the glue is a hard type glue such as Elmer's or a Wood glue, your best bet is to try to chip off as much as possible with a sharp pocket knife. Then a block sander or electric sander may work OK for the rest. Or if you have access to a flat bastard file ...


I was using Gorilla Super Glue on a leather strap and it accidentally flopped onto the top of a MacBook Pro surface (the smooth metallic surface I think is aluminum). Right away I gently rubbed it with a tissue with nail polish remover on it (acetone). I clean right up.


It's probably not going to be as simple as "tighten up the bolts" - mysteriously unscrewing themselves is a low likelihood .vs. "there's some deterioration in the wall where they attach" which will need to be addressed. Or "Someone sat on the sink and stressed them/the wood they were attached to." So, the sink probably needs to come off to effect a lasting ...

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