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If the construction adhesive is one of the type specified for metal usage then it should work just fine. Working just fine is also assuming that the plaster is solid and not a crumbly surface. One issue with construction adhesive is that you would need to devise a way to hold the metal beading in place till the adhesive sets up. On the other hand contact ...


Silicone sealant can be removed completely from many surfaces. For example tiles (but the grout can be a problem) or ceramic sinks. In these cases you can peel most of it off and scrape the rest. There is also a silicone remover product to get the residue off other surfaces. You can prevent it from sticking in the first place by lightly oiling the surface. ...


I have never used Alcolin, I usually use Henery's for "mop boards" & cove base the adhesives are really good. If you want to remove them you usually do a lot of damage to the sheet rock / or take chunks of plaster out. The adhesives will last as long as the board or wall do. Once they set I think tacking a cord on it will be fine if allowed by local code....


I removed the tiles, sprayed linoleum with Goo Gone,wiped up Goo Gone. Lineoleum is clean. Quick and easy.

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