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If there's no main breaker, then there is probably another breaker box somewhere, possibly in the same enclosure as the meter. Also, it's possible that the panel you are looking at does not have a main breaker at the top; it could be one of the breakers mixed in with the branch circuit breakers. If you can, post a picture of your breaker panel with the ...


Given the 110V tester, I'll assume you are North American locale for this: Look up your outlet type. Test (using appropriate care) that you have 240V from the L1 to L2 (hots) (you presumably did this per your question, but make sure it's the correct terminals) Test that you have 120V from each hot to neutral. Test that you have 120V from each hot to ...


There should be a breaker or fuse somewhere, even if there is no single main. There HAS to be a way to shut it off. Thing is, yes, there is a way to hack a job like this so bad that there is no breaker. If not then someone catastrophically messed up. Are you 100% sure there is not another panel or disconnect somewhere?


You can't step down 220 volts by using two live wires - that voltage is between phase and neutral and the voltage between phases will be 380 volts, so no cheap 220 volts is there. Note that besides different voltages there's 50 Hz versus 60 Hz issue - your country likely has 50 Hz mains and if you use an ordinary (not switching power supply) transformer it ...

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