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Look where the stovepipe sits on the flue collar of this woodstove. I don't see any way to secure the pipe to the stove. There is a gap because the stovepipe is not perfectly round.

At the other end of the stovepipe I will use 3 sheetmetal screws, but that won't work here.

The manufacturer's manual for the stove doesn't say anything.

How should I secure the stovepipe to the stove?

How should I seal the joint?

(click for full size)

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I didn't see it before, but there were two small holes in the stove's flue collar. I put sheet metal screws through the holes in to the stovepipe, and things feel really solid.

Before inserting the pipe, I put some fire cement on the crimped end. After inserting, I spread some more around the joint, like caulking around a bathtub.

(click for full size)

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