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I am specifically referring to the standard NEMA 5-15 three hole outlet that is used in North America. What are the dimensions of the holes in the outlets?

Surprisingly, I am having difficulty in finding this information on line.

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I just measured a plug the neutral was .248" the hot was .246", both were .060 thick so the outlet would be slightly longer and wider. the ground was .192 x .187. – Ed Beal Mar 23 at 17:51

Let me introduce you to the wonderful world of Google Image search:

nema 5-15 dimensions

It's a great way to find drawings and other visual information.

Here's a drawing pulled from the search results:

enter image description here

Powercord CN

Dimiensions are millimeters with a comma used instead of a decimal point.

NEMA Website

Following some image searches and regular searches I also came across the official NEMA Website

This NEMA WD 6 - Non-Locking Plugs and Receptacles - Excerpt PDF should have the information you want.

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The first image does not take into account the difference in size between the "hot" and "neutral" holes. But the pdf attachment is detailed in that respect. Thank you! – BenA Mar 23 at 19:12
You're right. I think the included image must be for one manufacturer's plug and they decided to just use to same-sized prongs. – JPhi1618 Mar 23 at 19:15
@BenA Three-prong plugs do not need to have polarized hot-neutral connections, as the third grounding pin provides that polarization. – Tyzoid Mar 23 at 19:29

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