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Since carpets here are sold in custom length, but only in fixed 4m width, one must do a bit of cut & attach here and there to cover the whole floor.

When it comes to attaching two pieces, what's the best way?

I tried common ducktape, but it did not really stick, and I likely need a durable solution so that the pieces do not move when we walk over them each day.

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The trade name for it is... wait for it... carpet tape.

enter image description here

This is a roll of 4" Carpet Seam Tape courtesy of wholesaletape.com and while although:

This pressure sensitive tape applies quick and easy without the need of a "step on" hot iron. Made of a 42lb natural kraft paper with a fiberglass and cotton reinforced scrim it can join most carpet and wood surfaces.

I'd have to assume that most of the old carpets I've pulled out were hot ironed because it was nearly impossible to tear this stuff (it looked exactly like this), but maybe this works just as well.

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Ok, you got me, I had no idea such thing existed :) I'll have to look up how it is called here (not US), but I am sure I'll find it. Thanks! – sfThomas Feb 11 at 9:37

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