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Where is a good place to find good shed designs?

Googling around just gives me a bunch of poorly designed websites that scam people into their site by advertising free designs and charging for them. If they need to advertise like that, I can't assume their plans are that great.

I'm looking to build an 8x10 wood shed on a concrete slab.

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Take a look at your local Lowe's, Home Depot or even Amazon online book store. They have several books with lots of different designs. You can look them over and just buy the book that suits your needs. They will have diagrams and material lists. Also these books are fairly cheap. Good luck.

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This website has quite a few links for free plans. They're a mix of slab plans and elevated floor plans. You'll have to click through several levels down, but here are some direct links to some of the nicer ones:

Basic 6'x8' shed plan with cinder block base. (Expandable up to 8'x12').

Larger 8'x12' shed plan with double doors.

This site is also listed under the first link (with enough clicking in the right spots), and it's got 6 PDF plans available directly on it's page.

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great find, thanks! i especially like the larger plan – Jeremy White Aug 23 '11 at 16:28

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