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Can figure out how to open it.alt text Maybe somebody has a similar one.

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Might be clips around the perimeter. Try running a butter knife or some kind of shim around the outside to see if you hit anything: if you do try poking in on it.

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Yes, there is a clip, different from what Niall C. showed. More of a triangular shape. It's very strong though, i can push it hard enough to release the fixture. – Vitalik Jul 30 '10 at 21:13

Try turning the glass and see if it has hooks that hold it in place (kind of like how a smoke detector hangs onto that plate on the ceiling).

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The entire visible portion, including the plastic ring around the glass, can gently be lowered -- grab the ring on the outside, gently lift it a bit off the ceiling, ease it away from the ceiling looking for the portion where it slides away along a metal clip. When it is sufficiently lowered from the ceiling, you will have exposed the bulb and can replace it (as I did in mine yesterday, after consulting a handyman neighbor who figured this out).

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Mine has spring-loaded clips shaped something like this:

alt text

The glass cover hooks onto the base of the clip, and when it's all assembled, the lower wide spots pull the glass cover up firmly against the surround. To open it, I have to pull down firmly on the glass (there are a couple of indentations on opposite sides to give you a grip) to get past the resistance of the first wide part of the clips. Once it's down, the glass hangs from the second wide parts, about an inch below the surround. Then I just undo one of the clips to get at the bulb.

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Maybe the outer ring comes off first? Either twist or pull down to release clips. Then you could get at the light cover.

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