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Is there a way to adjust the tension on a stem for a posti-temp valve? I've taken off the handle and trim, and I don't see any way to adjust the tension.

I have a single turn handle on my bath tub. It is a posi-temp valve. The handle is difficult to turn, and I have broken a couple of the plastic handles already. I'm considering buying a metal handle. However, the plastic handles should have lasted longer, and it makes me believe the stem on the valve is too difficult to turn.

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The stem you speak of is actually connected to the internal cartridge. I believe it may have been over tightened when installed, or it was leaking a bit and some gorilla cranked it down. You will need to remove the bezel trim, and loosen the nut that holds the shaft and cartridge. There may be two nuts. If you loosen too much, the valve will leak. Some models require a spanner type wrench to loosen. A good close up pic without the trim would help here. If you can post the exact model number, we may be able to pull up an install detail for ya.

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After breaking another handle, I found the instructions for installing a posi-temp valve. It did not mention any nuts as suggested in this answer.

I called Moen support at the number listed in the installation instructions. They informed me that the tension on a posi-temp handle cannot be adjusted. From my description of having to re-grip the handle multiple times to fully open the valve, they suggested replacing the posi-temp cartridge (Moen part 1222). They said hard water and some cleaning solutions can build up around the cartridge and make the stem difficult to turn. I installed a new cartridge and handle, which was simple enough, and now the handle turns much easier!

I also found a helpful video on replacing a posit-temp cartridge. This video mentions a special tool to remove the cartridge. I was able to replace my cartridge using only the plastic tool included with the new cartridge.

Kudos to Moen for investing in quality phone support. The first person I was quickly connected to answered all my questions confidently as if they had years of experience with these products instead of reading from a support script.

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