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The question asked here is pretty much similar to mine except that there are few splinters and chipped wood on the deck. How to smooth those out? Also there is a kid's play structure (with steps and a border that hosts a slide, swings and monkey bars) in a similar staining need state, any special considerations for doing it?

Any good videos/links with the procedure, tools and product recommendations is highly appreciated.

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The answer given to the question you linked to, pretty much covers all you really need to know (IMHO).

Q. There are few splinters and chipped wood on the deck. How to smooth those out?

Sanding by hand or with a random orbital sander should pretty much take care of those areas. If you need to smooth out "really rough areas", go with something like:

  • Begin with 60 Girt.
  • Then move onto 100 Grit.
  • Then finish with 150 Grit.

Though I'm guessing (not being able to see the actual state of your deck & playset) for most of your sanding needs, 100 & 150 Grits will be sufficient.

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