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I'm having some problems understanding how to connect some electric wires for a platetop.


The wire colors normally mean, blue=N, brown=L, and yellow/green=PE.

enter image description here

My problem is, the platetop has L1 & L2:

enter image description here

When I connect the blue wire to L1, nothing happens. When I connect the blue wire to L2, then the platetop works, but only half of them on the right.

This is how it's connected now:

enter image description here

What am I doing wrong?

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if you only have one phase wiring (phase + neutral) you need to strap both phase inputs L1 and L2 together, as is indicated in the wiring diagram you posted in the "230V" example. if you connect it as you did, only half of the heaters will be connected probably. also, it is better to pull two phases and neutral to the top though as is indicated in the 400V diagram but you should really get an electrician if you can't get this correct - you'll burn up your house if you connect a 7200W induction top through wiring not intended for this power at a single phase for example. – Bjorn Wesen Jul 11 '11 at 22:36
Location? It looks like you are somewhere in Europe? – auujay Jul 12 '11 at 17:00


This is how it should be wired using 220-240volt

enter image description here


There are some things to consider first!

The wires you are using to connect to .. are they the provided wires? there should have been a solid copper U bridge to connect L1/L2 to each other too!? Where is it?

If that is not the original cable you must consider using 2.5mm solid core cable

enter image description here

But also the wire that is in the plug should be the same/similar type! and it should be DEDICATED ONLY meaning no other plugs on that line

Before the stove you need an isolation switch (any electrician that says this is not needed is a bad electrician!)

enter image description here


A 8AMP (MAX 1700WATT) on 2.5MM Solid Core Dedicated Line!!!

enter image description here

Be warned if you do not meet these requirements you are putting your self at a electrical fire risk - and this is for ALL 220VOLT Installation anywhere in the world. If you have ome insurance and it burns down and they find that your new stove did not meet these electrical rules.. sorry - insurance void!! Even after installation you need a NEW electrical test certificate to certify there are no GROUND leaks! or micro shorts!

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