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Every spring some company comes out and "charges" our sprinkler system. Can someone explain what this is and whether or not this is something I can do?

It basically seems like they come out, turn on the water to the system, run each zone, and check if all the heads are operational.

What am I missing?

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One of the counties in my area requires you to use licensed service people to inspect and service sprinkler systems -- I believe the main concern is the back-flow prevention. You may have a similar setup in your area. – Niall C. Jun 3 '11 at 17:57

Does someone come out and "close" your sprinkler system for the winter? I don't know much about lawn sprinkler systems, but "charging" sounds similar to opening a swimming pool. Every fall, I drain all the water out of the lines for the pool and plug them so the water doesn't freeze and crack the lines. In the spring, I then remove the plugs and prime the pump to get water back in the lines. I would expect a similar procedure for a sprinkler system in a climate where freezing is a probability.

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