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I want to move my toilet over horizontally by 6 inches. Is there an "S" shape pipe piece I can use to connect my existing plumbing to my toilet?

Is there any other simple solution to getting this done? Anything that is shy of having to re-plumb the 4 inch pipe going to the bowl is desirable.

Here is some context on the toilet project... the toilet in question is in a 2nd floor bathroom. Since I am taking things down to the studs I can pull up the sub floor and expose the pipe. The pipe is plastic.

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You might run into trouble depending on where the joists are, it's hard to tell until you pull up the floor. – Tester101 May 5 '11 at 20:50
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If you strip down the floor, it is an easy job to extend the 4 inch PVC to the new closet flange. You have to have a new closet flange anyway, so a coupling, 6 inches of pipe, a new elbow and you're in business.

Re-plumb it and avoid a lot of grief in your life, like leaks coming down through the ceiling. The Micky Mouse adapter in the last answer is completely unacceptable for toilet waste.

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