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I've been looking into getting a new jigsaw and I've noticed that there are two grip types, barrel and D grip. I've looked around and I don't see any good explanation about the differences. Are there any actual advantages of one other the other or is it merely personal preference?

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Its personal preference. Couple things to note:

  • With the top grip saw, its more natural for me. I look down on the cut, where as with a barrel grip I am looking to one side.
  • The switch placement on a top grip saw is more natural for me as well. It is usually a trigger under my index finger. A barrel grip has switch placement on one side.
  • Top grip are more wrist action saws so they can be easier (I think) to do more scroll work.

It is mostly personal preference though. I would try would a couple saws. However, I would bet you would be happy with either.

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D grip bosch never let me down. 'Barrel grip' as you put it is more tiring to work with, and I believe they are more for scroll work.

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