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I took down wallpaper in my dining room and it revealed an old paint layer that started to peel off as I scraped off the backing and glue. I'd like to repaint but how to I go about getting rid of the old paint layer? I'm afraid if I just sand it it will divit in spots on the wall and won't be an even finish. Is there something I can paint on after I sand it? I'm not really sure what to do next.

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First, make sure you get all (and I do mean all) of the loose paint off the wall. If you get a fairly flexible wallpaper scraper you should be able to bring most of it up. Keep going for that extra 5 minutes after you think you've finished.

Then sand the remaining paint to feather the edges so that they are as smooth as possible.

Next get some filler (spackle I think it's called in the states) and fill in any cracks and large holes. You can also use it over any edges that still seem harsh. When it's dry a light sand will smooth out the imperfections - but don't let it get too dry as it can go very hard.

Finally prime the wall with either a specialist primer or a watered down coat of emulsion. This will also help find any last imperfections. Then the wall is ready to paint.

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Only step I would add to the above answer: Last step before applying the paint to the walls, wash the walls down with warm (mild) soapy water, then rinse off with fresh clean water. Allow to dry, then paint... –  Mike Perry Jul 11 '11 at 17:55
If it's outside a high pressure sprayer works well to remove peeling paint –  Hightower Jan 21 at 5:45

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