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We have heating ducts that are covered in drywall making the ceiling lower in 2 parts of the downstairs bedroom. The highest part of the ceiling is 8 ft. Do I paint the underside of the ducts white to match the ceiling or do I totally paint them out in wall colour?Any help appreciated!

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I had this exact situation in house #1 and ended up putting wall paint on both the side and underneath the ducts.

I first put ceiling paint on the underside, but it looked very strange from certain angles -- like lying on the bed -- where you could see all four surfaces in alternating colors. Then I painted one small section of the duct all ceiling, and another section all wall paint, and decided the wall paint looked better overall.

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I think the answer will depend on the exact situation, in some situations it will look fine, in others it may look strange as @Niall found.

I have a counter-example where I painted the bottom, and it looks fine. I did have a tough time deciding how to paint the angled bit (which has a duct behind it), but ultimately went with ceiling paint. enter image description here

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This does look a lot better than my setup, I think because your duct is a lot wider than it is high so it feels more like a ceiling. In my case there was an almost-square cross-section, and the duct ran along the edge of the room. – Niall C. Apr 5 '11 at 3:28

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