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Is there a standard height from floor to ceiling. I want to install some false ceiling (plaster board) ...

I seem to remember there was a standard but i don't remember it

Any help really appreciated

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What's your current room height and where are you? I would think that your local building regulations would have something to say on this. – ChrisF Mar 19 '11 at 11:53
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Simple answer, If your community subscribes to the the national IRC building codes, then the minimum ceiling height is 7 feet for living spaces. Some towns will allow less in basement rec rooms, but rarely is it more than the 7 foot min.

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Thanks for your comments – John Gregson Mar 28 '11 at 20:35

In the US, it's right around 8' ... most lumber yards in the US will sell 2x4s just a bit under 8' so that when you build out a wall and add the top and sill, you'll end up pretty close to 8' high walls.

But that's a rough guide for a modest sized room. Most people are okay with basements being a little shorter (so long as you don't get much below 7' tall, or it'll start to feel cramped, and might affect your resale ability to tall people). Also, any lower than that, and you have problems fitting standard sized door openings. In the US, 6'8" ... so it'd leave you with 4" for trimming it out.

If you have a really larger room, though, a lower ceiling is going to feel more restrictive ... on a small room it's cozy ... on a larger room, it's odd and unsettling. (and I'm relatively short ... I don't know how it feels for people whose heads are scraping the ceiling)

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