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I live in Denmark and water is containing high amounts of calcium so my bathroom mirror has all these white spots which are so hard to remove, any ideas for a dissolver or something?

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In Central Texas, we have very hard water (high calcium levels). I cope with this by using white vinegar. The 5-7% acid level will react with the calcium to make water-soluable salt which is easily removed.

Apply vinegar to a damp, clean cloth, or use a spray bottle to apply vinegar to the affected areas. Let soak for 30-45 seconds, then wipe away with a clean dry cloth.

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Here is a little known secret, don't tell anyone!!!! "Bar Keepers Friend" powered cleaner works miracles with fogged, rain stained and calcium covered glass. It contains acyclic acid and a mirco fine abrasive. It cleans glass, head light lenses and fiberglass like crazy and give you a very smooth polished finish. you can also use it with a buffing wheel or by hand. You can find this product at most any grocery store.

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