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This is the toilet tank in my apartment. A few days ago I started noticing brown residue in the water. Upon investigation, I encountered a toilet tank I'm not familiar with... there's an "outer" tank, which is the one that fills with water, and a smaller, inner tank, which gets its water supply from the outer tank and is where, from what I can gather, the toilet actually flushes.

However, as you see from the pictures, while the inner tank is clean, because it always empties upon flushing, the outer tank only empties about halfway through, and the algae keeps accumulating and never reaching the bottom.

I've poured some bleach and started using those pills, but I'm not really familiar with this kind of toilet. Is it normal for the outer tank to not flush all the way down? It seems like a very strange and counterproductive design to me... the little white tank has "patent pending" written on it.

enter image description here

enter image description here

update: Looks like this is the toilet model http://youtu.be/2SzVAwPAuJ0

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Does the tank refill to above the lip of the inner tank? Does the inner tank look like an addition to the outer tank? –  User58220 Jul 24 at 0:15
That is a pressure assisted toilet. I've never owned or worked with one, so I'm not sure exactly how low the water level should be expected to go (thus not an answer). Some Google searches might turn something up now that you know what it is. –  Comintern Jul 24 at 0:21
@User58220 the water refills slightly above. maybe a cm. looks like not an addition. hm, found this looking for "bsb" toilet youtu.be/2SzVAwPAuJ0 –  o_o_o-- Jul 24 at 0:47
Looks like you have this: watermatrix.com/proficiency/pdf/Proficiency_UHET_english.pdf Not a normal design; it's using much less water than even most low flow toilets. –  Zhentar Jul 24 at 15:09

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