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I'm trying to install a Grohe Concetto kitchen faucet with a spray hose. There is a long spring that is put over the hose in order to create the tension needed to help the hose return after it has been extended. The instructions are mediocre at best and I found a better illustration in an older set of instructions on-line. As I pulled the spring off of the hose, it got away from me and managed to tangle in one spot and I cannot figure out how to untangle this. The ends of the spring are attached to plastic rings so the ends aren't open. Essentially a long closed-end slinky.

Help...I feel like I've created the new Rubik's Cube. Grohe 07240000 Part- Ladylux Spring - tangled

Here's a link to the part listing with a picture of the spring part compressed.

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The upper half has to be pushed down below the lower half. Try it as it is configured now (as it appears in the picture). If that doesn't work, rotate the upper half 90 degrees clockwise and try again. –  bib Jul 15 at 0:35

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You can't untangle it easily while the hose is in place.

If you can remove the hose, this becomes straightforward; rotate the sections of spring 90 degrees to each other, and it should become obvious that pushing one through the other will either disengage them or make the problem worse. If it looks like it will make the problem worse, rotate one side 180 degrees and look again. If that still doesn't look like it will help, rotate back the other way.

Websearching "untangling a spring" or "untangling a slinky" will find illustrations/videos that will help you with this. From what you've shown us, it looks like there's just a single crossing that needs to be backed out.

Then reinstall the hose and you should be good to go.

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