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Replacing a GFIC in my kitchen that has a breaker that is also supplying three other receptacles.

The reason I'm replacing it, is because the old one after 20 years of service would ONLY work if I pressed my hand up against it (adding pressure) and plugged something in. So when I would make toast for example, I had to press on the outlet, plug in the toaster and wait for the toast to finish.

OK so it's replaced and the little green light is on, which means it has power! Put the cover on, plug in the toaster, and NOTHING.

So reading on here, it says there is probably a loose neutral. But here is one thing.

I have a carbon monoxide detector that is in one of the other outlets. If I remove it, the green light on the new one turns off?

So I went to all three outlets, and the light will come back on the new one If I plug the detector in, if I remove it, little green light shuts off.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have a meter and I'm going to start checking connections.

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Is the GFCI set? If you press the TEST button, can you reset the GFCI? The indicator light on the device does not always simply mean that the device has power. The Leviton SmartLockPros indicator light will come on if there is a line-load reversal, and the GFCI is not set. In this situation, you should not be able to set the device. Read the documentation that came with the GFCI, to determine the exact purpose of the indicator light. –  Tester101 Jul 14 '14 at 10:43

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