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I have a finished concert pillar in my living room that I need to be patched and pained. The pillar has final gypsum and paint on top of concrete. Since the concrete is chipped off I need to use a fast set repair mortar (such as QUIKRETE® FastSet™ Repair Mortar) to repair the concrete.

But I dont know if the gypsum material can be added on top of the repair mortar or not? is there a specific product that I can add on top to prepare the surface for paint ?

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I would not hesitate to skim over clean dry concrete with drywall mud. As long as the concrete NEVER has a chance to get wet.

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I would use a setting joint compound (maybe durabond) rather than mud because it's more durable and moisture resistant. It's more time-consuming to sand, however. Either should stick to concrete and both should get a coat of primer before painting. If have old or really glossy concrete, you can prep the surface with a little Muriatic acid to etch the surface and get a better bond, but that shouldn't be necessary for fresh-cured mortar.

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