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I am rebuilding a set of steps, and have decided that I need to replace the handrail at the base of the steps. This is one of the exposed handrails, with ballisters and a newel at the end. This is a straight run - no curves and no angle changes. From what I understand, there are basically 4 different parts - the shoe, the ballisters (the upright supports), the newel (the post at the end) and the handrail. In what order should I install the parts? Should I fit the Newel in before the shoe to ensure a tight miter cut?

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Wickes (UK DIY store) sells stair packs and has general fitting instructions.

These are available on-line. They are too long to summarise here, but do take you through the process step-by-step.

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Another resource is LJ Smith which sells stair parts. Their main site is:


They have a much more complex set of installation instructions that include landings, turns, balcony railings, open and closed stair treads, etc. Check it out:


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