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Should I paint my apartment using a white dispersion paint?

What kind of finish would it have, do dispersion paints leave a plasticky surface as seen in some hospitals and schools please?

My dispersion paint is certified according to EN 13300.

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Yes it leaves a very plastic-like finish. They are mainly used in areas that will be sprayed - like a hospital, school, public building. There is nothing wrong with putting this in you home but I offer three pieces of advise. Please test the color after using this on a small sample. And #2 after using this you will have to hit the walls with a heavy primer if you ever want to go back to another color or change the look. #3 - when you use this it is harder to replicate the look. Meaning if you get a big scratch in your wall or have to remove a piece of wall and redrywall it is not easy to match your paint + dispersion coat. That is why a lot of places will only do this with white.

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Given that it sounds like it's a waterproof membrane...any concern about creating a second vapor barrier in some situations? – DA01 Jul 7 '14 at 21:32

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