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I want to install a LED strip where once there was a fluorescent tube.

I like to think myself as google competent but this time I could not find a satisfactory answer.

Right now, in my ceilling I have 3 electrical wires: ground, neutral and hot. I understand I need to buy a LED strip (I only need 3 meters) and a Transformer that transforms AC into DC

my questions are:

What type of LED strip do I need? and how to find it online? e.g. what specifications do I seek?

Given a LED strip what type of transformer do I need?

And ideally I need to install this near an area with humidity.

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-1 because of the request for product specific advice in the comments below. –  BMitch Jul 2 at 14:10

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There are LED tubes marketed as physical replacements for fluorescent tubes. (I was recently pricing ones in the T8 size). However, the ones I have seen require rewiring the fixture.

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Philips makes a bulb called "instant fit" which does not require rewiring. –  Eric Gunnerson Jul 3 at 4:58
Good to know; tnx. So far the brightness/efficiency tradeoff hasn't caused me to rework my workshop's lighting, but I recheck periodically; technology evolves, and the fact that fluorescents are fragile is also a factor. –  keshlam Jul 3 at 5:10

what specifications do I seek?

  • Color "temperature" in Kelvins. (~3000K for "warm", ~6000K for "daylight")
  • Light output1 in Lumens. (e.g. 6' 70W T8 fluorescent = ~4500 Lm)

If you are really serious you'd probably have to obtain the luminous intensity and calculate illuminance but, unless you are an architect, or similar, you would find this overkill.

Given a LED strip what type of transformer do I need?

One depends on the other. Many LED strips are not just strips of LEDs. I'd buy both together from the same retailer.

1. i.e. Luminous Flux.

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Thank you for the answer. But I really want to buy online as in my country the retailer prices are inflated. The LED strip I want is ebay.com/itm/…. What transformer do I need? –  Nuno Calaim Jul 2 at 10:49
When I wrote "retailer" I meant "online retailer". I would buy whatever "transformer" that the online retailer sells for use with the specific LED strip they sell. –  RedGrittyBrick Jul 2 at 11:10

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