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I am renovating my bath and my tub surround says it should be fastened to the studs. With this in mind my 1923 building has serious insulation problems and I would like to add R value as well as some type of vapor barrier. Since most of these walls were built inside the old outside walls and there is easily 8-12 inches of room to insulate. I am installing fiberglass insulation and was pondering using foil bubble wrap as my vapor barrier behind my surround. The outside walls are still the old cedar lap siding and there is LOTS of breathing room.

I see a lot of articles on how worthless the foil bubble wrap is but, seeing how there will be airspace between it and the fiberglass it seems it would be ok.

Any input greatly appreciated..

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Do you have any specific questions you want to ask? (Or even more general ones?) Right now you've told us what you're doing, but not what you want to know. This is a question and answer site - so we do look for actual questions, not just general "anything you want to tell me" kind of topics. –  The Evil Greebo Jul 2 '14 at 9:45

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