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I need to install a floor register in my bathroom (which I am currently remodeling). I plan to put one into the floor under the window where it used to be. The old register came up through the floor but then laid against the wall kind of like a wall register. I have a few questions about replacing it.

I left the old round duct in place and I've already laid 3/4" + 1/2" subfloor and I will have another 1/8"+1/2" for Ditra and tile on top of that. What should I be looking to purchase for ducting to account for that thickness? Is it already too late? Should I have installed this before laying subfloor?

Once the actual duct is in, what type of registers should I be looking at for a bathroom? The location of the register will be between the shower and throne but likely shouldn't be seeing much water unless it floods.

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Not so much an answer as an observation - as long as you can get the register boot through the floor far enough, there shouldn't be any issues with thickness. –  Comintern Jun 29 '14 at 22:49

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