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My spring water gets stored in a concrete cistern in the cellar. It's measuring around 6.0 pH with hardness is around 100 ppm /6 grains/gallon according to the test strips.

I get blue staining in the bath from corroded copper, but no real hard water deposits - at least none that I can see on the outside (baths, sinks, etc)... one pipe I had a chance to look in did not look like it had any serious scaling. I use more soap than I have in other locations, but not an exorbitant amount, and I can get a good enough lather.

I'm concerned about the pipe corrosion from a health and safety perspective. So my questions are:

  1. Should I be concerned about water hardness now?
  2. Is my water hardness reading affected by the low pH, or is scaling mitigated by the low pH?
  3. If I neutralize with calcium carbonate, will I need to worry about water hardness then?
  4. ...What if I use magnesium oxide?

Plus any advice you have to offer about neutralizing and water softening systems would be awesome :) Thanks !

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Update: after doing some more research on this and talking to a specialist, I can answer the questions: 1. The water hardness is not excessive. 2. The hardness reading isn't affected by pH, but scale accumulation IS. 3./4. I will use a soda-ash chemical injector, which will not add to hardness. –  aaron Jun 27 '14 at 13:22

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