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The PVC evacuation pipe from my toilet is leaking a little bit. The part of the pipe that is leaking is buried inside concrete. I am trying to find a way to fix the leak from inside the pipe, that is without having to break the concrete to access the pipe. I have acces to the open end of the pipe about 1 meter away from where the leak is.

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I ended up pouring some very liquid mix of waterproof cement down the pipe and catching it again at the exit, it seems that is filled the little cracks inside the pipe. It's been a few weeks of testing by pouring water down and I don't see any leaks anymore. I have to specify that the pipe was horizontal and the cracks on the bottom part of it, that allowed the cement to fill the cracks.

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I Have a 40mm pipe leaking near the bottom of an in ground spa pool. I can not get the pool out, I can not reach the affected area from the outside as it is surrounded by fiber glass. Is there a solution ( such as acrylic paint ) that I can pour into the pipe and with a rag attached to a stiff wire wipe around the inside of the pipe, it is approx 1M to the fault area. The pipe is dry now but will be submerged in water

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